Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Birthday Card this year

I was surprised the other day when I opened my mail and it was a birthday card for me. I already forgot that my birthday is pretty soon til I got that mail LOL! At first I thought it was a birthday invitation to somebody's birthday party lol! I guess I was (actually still) busy with random stuff that I already forgot that it is already April but you know what? I remembered to greet my Aunt's birthday last 5th and I am looking forward on my friend's and cousin's birthday this month and I can't believe that forgot my own birthday hahaha! I just want to have a simple birthday. Maybe hubby and I with the baby will dine out or maybe will just go in the mall to stroll or maybe spend day in the park. I don't know, but right now what's on my mind is that I am thankful for ALL the blessings that I had for the past year and I am also thankful that I had another wonderful year. I am hoping for more and more and more and more years with my hubby and our baby. They are my life and joy :)

This is the card that I got from Shirley and Cathy (my boss) whom I worked with at the hospital where I volunteered. Ain't it sweet that they remembered my birthday even though I am not working there anymore? :)

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