Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday here in the US

In the Philippines, we abstain eating meat during holy week specially from Maundy Thursday til Black Saturday. Most of the stores and malls are also closed during those days. Most of the TV channels are off and if ever there is a channel on, what you can watch are Holy Week special shows. You can hear some people singing "pasyon" from almost all the churches and chapels. There is also Passion play called "senakulo" wherein some people will self-flagellate and some would even voluntarily nail themselves on the cross like what Jesus did. There are some people that visits numerous churches which is called "bisita iglesia" to pray.

According to Wiki, about 90% of the religion in the Philippines is Christian and 80% of that is Roman Catholic. Yeah, that is how big the population of Catholic in the Philippines that is why you can really feel the Holy Week.

Here in the US, I can barely feel the Holy Week. Holy Week feels like an ordinary day unlike in the Philippines which is it important religious festival. But in fairness, I like Easter Sunday here compare in the Philippines.

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