Friday, April 9, 2010

San Francisco Hotels

A friend of mine invited me, hubby and lil Zac to visit her and her family in San Francisco. We are planning to go to SF sometime next month. It is my friend's birthday next month so I guess it is a perfect time to visit her and see her once again. The last time we saw each other was when we were still in the Philippines.

I asked her on what are the suggested hotels in San Francisco. She gave me several hotels where we could stay for a week. Truly that there are lots of nice hotels there in SF but what I am really looking for is a decent and an affordable hotel. In my opinion, I would rather spend the money I have in exploring the place than in expensive hotels. What I mean is, there are nice, clean and elegant hotels with decent prices so why would I spend my money to expensive rooms? She suggested cheap Fishermans Wharf Hotels. My friend highly recommend me this hotel because one of her friend already stayed in there and her friend liked the place. I asked her to give me information about things to do in San Francisco at Fishermans Wharf. She said that we could Bay Cruise, dine out, shop and there are lots of attractions to see.

I browsed the internet and it seems like Fishermans Wharf is a pretty decent hotel and the price of their rooms can sustain my budget hehe. I am sure that I won't get bored because of the things that we can do there. I am really considering this hotel on our trip to San Francisco next month and I am hoping to have fun with my friend and her family.

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