Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life Insurance

I always see and hear accidents happening around the world on TV and newspapers. What I meant by accidents is car accident that can cause death. Few months ago, I heard a news from a friend of a mine about a Filipina who just arrived here in the US that died because of a tragic car accident. It was pretty sad. I don't know her personally but she is one of my friends in an online website. I still felt bad about what happened to her.

Last night, hubby and I talked about of getting Life Insurance. I thought about of getting it because sometimes we don't know on when is our "time". I don't like discussing things like this but we have to face the reality that life is so short. And when my "time" comes, I want to leave something for my family. I am looking for life insurance that has best rates with good policy. An insurance where I can get free quotation from a reputable company.

The accidents and life threatening news that I hear everyday on TV woke me up and made me realize that we have to make our best everyday and spend our day to the fullest. Also, I realized that we have to prepare our future. It's true that we can't avoid death but when the "time" comes I hope that I'd still be able to help my family.

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