Sunday, June 27, 2010

Address Plaques

We visited the home of our relative who lives nearby us. Their house is one of the nicest houses in the neighborhood. One day as we were walking onto their property, I noticed the new super nice address plaque next to their mailbox. I told myself, Wow! this address plaque is really nice and it is made of Artisan Metal. Our relative told me that there are different styles, designs and shapes of address plaques and she said that they got theirs with free shipping.

We didn't spend much time at our relatives house that daybecause we had to go to our friend's house on the same day. When we reached the house of our friend, I noticed that they had a new address sign. I asked my friend where did they had gotten their address sign and she replied, "I ordered it online." She also added that you could personalize these address signs according to the style and design that you liked. After spending some time with my friend, I looked once again at their address sign before we left their house and admired it.

At the end of the day, I realized that the house address plaques add beauty,color and style to your home. I think that I should get one for our house because it would definitely add class and appeal to our home.

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