Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Yesterday was the first Father's Day of my hubby. I am so glad that he was happy with the gifts I bought for him. I didn't buy expensive gifts. My gifts were just a shirt and a digital photo keychain. I was so happy when I saw how happy he was after opening his present. I really spent time researching on what gift should I give him for that special occasion. I usually buy him shirt, watch and some other stuff on every occasion but Father's Day is very special to him so I decided to gave him something that he would really feel that IT IS Father's Day.

The shirt that I gave him says" New Dad 2009 and proud to be". I ordered it online and expedite the shipping so I would have it before Sunday. I also bought him a digital photo keychain because I know that he likes to show and share pictures of Zac ( and me :D ) to his friends and co-nurses.

I am glad that hubby was happy with the simple gifts I gave him. Yes, my gift wasn't expensive but they were meaningful and most importantly, hubby loved them.

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