Monday, June 14, 2010

Seniors on the go with GPS

Guest post written by Tim Wilkes

After I became a senior citizen in the eyes of the law, I decided that sitting around my house all day just wouldn’t cut it anymore. There’s still so much out there to see, even in my own area that I’ve never laid eyes on and I knew that a portable GPS systems would help me achieve that.

I found one with a large touch screen that I could enter in the address to my desired destination on, and it ended up being pretty easy to use. But I found out early that it’s best not to mess with the device when you’re actually driving because I almost ran into the back of another car at a traffic light one day when I was trying to hold the device closer to my ear so I could hear it better. That’s when I thought I might need Hearing Aids.

I asked my daughter to help me out and she made me an appointment and I got fitted with a pair and found that I didn’t even have to turn the volume on my GPS as far as it would go just to hear the directions! Since then I’ve gone on quite a few day trips to landmarks near my town and have enjoyed living my life to the fullest.

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