Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Protecting What’s Important

Post written by Andre Michaels.

We have had some serious break-ins lately on our block. What we have done is started a program of taking turns watching the street from inside our homes. That precaution is also one of common sense since we do not want the owner of the suspicious cars or pedestrians to see us in case we call the police and they pick them up. You might say that it is a new world type of neighborhood watch as we don't have monthly meetings or even tell anyone about our program.

More than one of our homeowners has installed a Home Security Alarm system. The cost is something that some of us are not able to afford at this time. Some of the people on the block are also suspicious of the companies that run security alarm systems. Before we began our program of taking turns watching the street discreetly, most of the homes that had break-ins were located next to homes that had Home Security Alarm Systems.

Aside from our discreet block watchers program, many of the neighbors have fixed their outdoor lightingand make sure that their homes are well lit at night.

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