Monday, June 28, 2010

Photography Student Can Use Internet

Thanks to guest blogger Daniel Parsley for writing the post.

I am a student of photography and the hughsnetinternet really helps me out. One of the best websites I have come across as a photographer is Flickr. Flickr is an online photo sharing website and the best thing about it is that it gives me an outlet for my creativity. I can go on a photo shoot of my own and take thousands of pictures and Flickr gives me a place to share some of my best photos and to get feedback from other photographers about my photographs. Flickr sort of gives me a place to be able to share my creativitywith other photographers outside of the classroom. It is like doing homework and studying outside of class so that I can get better and really narrow it down when it comes to showing one completed and finished photograph for my class critique. It is really easy for me to upload my pictures to Flickr using the satellite internet. I just connect my camera to my computer using a cord or I stick the memory card into the computer and within minutes my entire photo session has been uploaded onto my computer. The Satellite Internet Broadbandmakes it possible for that entire album to be uploaded onto the internet in just a short period of time. I think Flickr is a great photo sharing website that every photographer should utilize.

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