Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A New Dog

A guest posting compliments of Marissa Holan.

My husband has been recently started going away on business for several weeks of a time. Since he is gone so much he thinks I need some extra protection at our home. I told him since we have wireless security alarmsthat I'll be fine. However he thinks that it would be better if my mom came and stayed with me while he was gone. I told him this was not an option.

After much debate has been I agreed that we should get a dog for extra protection. My husband thought we should get a pit bull. I told him I didn't want to get a pit bull. We finally agreed to get a black lab. My husband thought that a black lab was big enough to scare off any potential intruders and I thought at the black lab was friendly enough to be a household pet.

We looked on line in the paper but cannot find any Black Labs for sale. When they are neighbor mentioned any lady of his church had black lab puppies for sale. He gave us the lady's phone number in we set up an appointment to meet the puppies. We found the cutest and friendliest of the bunch and took him home to be part of our family. We named our new puppy Lucky. Now my husband feels better and I am not so lonely when he is gone.

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