Thursday, September 16, 2010


I passed my Adjustment Of Status (AOS) interview this morning. I was scheduled 8Am and we were there 7AM LOL! I know, we were too early so hubby and I had decided to eat breakfast first in the cafeteria.

15 minutes before 8AM, we went to the USCIS office and before we entered the office, we were scanned and our bags were checked. I already knew that electronic gadgets were not allowed in their premises so I left them all in our car.

When the window door opened, I submitted my interview schedule to the woman in the window and my name was called in less than 5 minutes. Hubby and I together with our baby entered the room of the immigration officer. She turned on the video camera and told us that the interview will be filmed. She made us swore both (hubby and I) that what we will say are nothing but the truth.

Hubby and I were both interviewed together in the same room at the same time. Basically, the questions were asked to us are the information that we submitted in filing AOS. Here are some of the questions that were asked to both of us.

1. Name
2. Spouse's Name
3. Home address and contact number
4. Birthday
5. Date of Marriage
6. Previous marriage (if ever we had)
7. Where hubby is working

And here are the documents that were asked from us:

1. Marriage Certificate
2. Birth Certificates (hubby, our son and I's)
3. Photo IDs (I showed my EAD Card)
4. Proof of residency (I showed billing statement)
5. Passport, Visa and I-94

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