Sunday, September 19, 2010

Looking forward on our next vacation!

After our 9 day vacation in Florida, hubby and I are looking forward on our next vacation. This time, we want to see one of my hubby's friend who lives in South Carolina. They have been friends since he was in highschool and his friend moved in South Carolina when they were in their 20's. Hubby told me lots of memories with him and now hubby wants to see him in person after they found each other on Faceboook.

We are thinking of visiting him in South Carolina two months from now. Right now, I am scouting for the hotel that we will stay in. I googled the word Myrtle Beach best hotels and it lead me to this website This hotel looks nice and what good about this is, this hotel is situated close to the beach! Hubby and I love beaches that is why every time that we will book for a hotel, we make sure that it is close to the beach.

Hubby talked to his friend and asked for a hotel that he could recommend and guess what he suggested? Myrtle Beach hotel hehe. He said it is nice stay in that hotel and play gold during day time. Hubby was actually surprised that he plays golf now because he use to not like golf when they were teenagers hehe.

I bet it this trip will be a good one. I haven't been to South Carolina and by looking at the pictures of the places there over the internet makes me wanna go now lol!

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