Friday, September 10, 2010

Tee time

I keep on hearing the word tee times to my uncle who loves to watch sports so I finally decided to asked him on what is it. He told me that tee time is a pre-arranged time for the golfers to play in the course. My uncle looooves to watch sports and their TV is always on ESPN everytime I visit their house. He loves to watch NBA, tennis, golf, NFL, soccer and etc.

Yesterday, I asked him if I can go with him if ever he will watch NBA live. He said that he will not gonna watch NBA this time because he and his friends will going to have 48 hour tee times. He invited me to come with them in the golf club so that I would learn how to play golf. I have never played golf in my life so I was happy that he invited me to be with them. He went to to have reservation and what's good about this website is NO MEMBERSHIP FEE!!

Yay! I am really anxious and excited about this tee time because I'll be able to hold golf club for the first time hehe.

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