Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome to the United States of America!!

Yup! I got my "Welcome Notice" from USA today! This is a great day to start the week :D What says on the letter is "Welcome to the United States of America" hehe. It also said on the notice that the Green card that I will receive will expire after 10 years which means they granted me 10 year Green Card, woohooo!!


  1. I found your blog through Google. Consider yourself very lucky! some people wait 10 years to get a green card, especially Mexicans. That's what my international student adviser told me. I am waiting for my EAD to enter the mail, and also my green card.

  2. The reason why they granted me 10 year GC because hubby and I had been married more than 2 years BEFORE we apply for Adjustment of Status. If you file for AOS and you were only married less than two years then they will only grant you 2 year GC.

  3. Hope you get your documents in the mail soon! :)