Thursday, September 23, 2010

Found a new friend at a party

Hubby and I attended a party last night. The party was actually good. Lots of food, karaoke and we met lots of people. I love the seafood fettuccine pasta that my friend cooked. It actually reminded me of my favorite restaurant in the Philippines. I love the cheesecake dessert too.

While I was getting something to eat, hubby and I was introduced to Sarah. Sarah and I talked about how yummy the foods are at the party. She said that her favorite was the apple pie and I told her that mine was the cheesecake. She actually looks very friendly and she smiles alot too.

I asked her on what does she do and she said she works in an Advertising Agency. She told me that she already worked with different kinds of advertising agency but right now, she is in the media department where she enjoy working alot. She also mentioned that she took Marketing course in college because she really want to work in an advertising agency. She said that her job is not easy but she enjoys what she's doing. She said that she take her job as a challenge because you need to be creative and innovative all the time. You also need to know how to work with your team. She said her work is kinda stressful and enjoyable as well.

It was nice talking to her because I learned lots of things about advertising. After our talk, we started singing the karaoke which was really fun and of course I sang my favorite song.

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