Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kitchen renovation

Last March, we renovated our living room floor. We replaced our carpet with hardwood flooring. Two months ago, we renovated our game room and turned it into a nursery for our son. Now, we are planning to renovate our kitchen. So, we've gone to the store to shop around for the things that we want for the kitchen and of course, we wanted to check out the prices to make sure that we have enough money for the kitchen makeover.

We have a built-in kitchen island that I want to change into a move-able kitchen island. It's a good thing that one of the staff in the store helped us to find what we were looking for. She suggested a butcher block countertop which I find really gorgeous. It was beautifully designed and it looks like it will last forever. After looking for the countertop, we went to the kitchen sink section. I find it easier to clean a stainless steel kitchen sink than the marble type and I am glad that my hubby agreed with me, so we finally decided to get stainless steel. After shopping around, we decided to go home but hubby noticed this adirondack chair in the store. It was love at first sight for him so he couldn't resist but to buy 2 chairs lol! He said that they are perfect for our patio which I believe is true as well hehe.

We came home happy because we finally figured out what our kitchen will look like after the renovations plus we got home with chairs for our patio. Yay! I am excited for the outcome of the renovations next month :).

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  1. The butcher block countertops are very nice. Good luck with kitchen renovation. I'm sure you will get your dreamed kitchen after builders cleaning finish.