Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy Me!

I am so tired today. Here is what I did today:

2:30PM - went to the 2 different stores to shop for grocery
4:30PM - got home; arranged groceries
4:50PM - started cooking dinner (boneless pork tenderloin, potatoes, rice, gravy) while watching Zac.
5:45PM - put Zac in bed, gave him milk and he fell asleep
6:25PM - dinner was ready; ate
7:00PM - put laundry in the washer
7:10PM - started doing dishes
7:30PM - Zac woke up; put him in his walker and continued doing the dishes
7:45PM - done with the dishes; feed Zac
8:00PM -done feeding Zac; put laundry in the dryer
8:10PM - put Zac back in the walker; continued doing the remaining dishes; cleaned the kitchen
8:40PM - played with Zac
9:00PM - cleaned bath tub
9:20PM - played with Zac; re-fluff the laundry
9:30PM - folded the laundry
9:40PM - played with Zac
10:30PM - gave Zac a bath
10:40PM - put Zac to sleep

Note: I check my FB once in awhile during those times hehe.

Maaann! I am so tired. I am going to sleep now. Ciao!

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