Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monggo (Mung Beans) and Tuyo (dried fish)

It was almost 4pm today when I was thinking of what to cook for dinner when the phone rang. It was my Filipina neighbor inviting me to come over to their house because the Monggo (Mung Beans) she is cooking is almost done. I was like "Oh my! I so miss this Filipino dish". So I went there and I smelled the "Tuyo" (dried fish) right away when I entered their house. I said "Mmmmmmm" I love it! Some people doesn't like the smell of it but most Filipinos do.

I was right on time! She just turned off her stove when I got inside their house. We chatted while we were eating Monggo and Tuyo. I really really miss Filipino food and I am glad that I have a Filipina neighbor who cooks and who always invite me every time she cooks Filipino dish. Yay!