Saturday, October 2, 2010

A day in the Apple Farm

I was born and raised in the Philippines where apple trees don't grow, so for me it is a dream come true to pick an apple straight from the tree. Last week, my friend and I together with his husband and my sin went to the apple farm to pick apples. My friend enjoys picking apples so she invited us to go with them for me to experience to apple picking.

When we reached the farm, there were lots of people, specially kids. The woman gave us a bag where we will put the apples that we picked and then they will weigh it to check how much are we going to pay.

The farm was huge and the apple trees were planted in rows according to its kind. I can't count how many kinds of apple trees were there in the farm. The only kind that I can remember there are Fuji, Jonathan, Red Delicious and Mc Intosh LOL! Fuji is my favorite apple since I was a kid. The reason I remembered Jonathan apple is because my friend's husband said it is a good apple so we picked some Jonathans. Red Delicious apples are really really red apples and for you to belive me that there is a Mc Intosh kind of apple, look at the pic I took.

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  1. Honestly if i wanted another job this is to work in a an apple farm.

    i can work for free just picking those apples.

    great experience.