Friday, October 29, 2010

Playing tennis is a great time

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

I just love to play the game of tennis. It is a game that I have played ever since I was a little kid and still play today. The game of tennis has taught me many things. One, it has taught me discipline, and two it has taught me sportsmanship. Those are two qualities that have gotten me far in life.

I play the game of tennis with my regular tennis partner, my older brother. Sure, he is four years older than me, and in my early years he used to be much better than me at tennis, but I have caught up and am able to beat him more often than he likes.

I love to play wherever there is a court to play on. It does not matter if the court is full of weeds, or if the net sags down a little or a lot. It does not matter if the court has cracks all over it. If there is a free court to play on, then I am playing on it.

Another reason that I love to play tennis is that I can stay in shape doing something I love. This is great for all the extra energy that I need in my daily life. But, before I go to play tennis, I set my home security system (HERE for more information) to keep my home safe.

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