Thursday, October 14, 2010

I watched the movie "The Blind Side"

Last night while I was turning TV channels, figuring what to watch. I turned the channel in HBO and the movie "The Blind Side" was on. I always wanted to watch that movie because I heard lots of positive feedback about it. I normally want to watch the movie from the start and will just pass watching the movie if I didn't see the beginning. But last night, when that movie was on, it was already playing for about 15 mins. and I don't know the reason why I still continued watching it. Probably because the movie was really good.

The movie is about this "big boy" who grew up without parental care. He had low scholastic attainments til he met the woman and her family who helped him boost up his confidence and thought him all the things that he was lack of. They dressed him up, provided him his own room and vehicle and they also gave him a professional tutor and at the end, he became legally part of their family. In spite of his low academic school, there is a part of him where he was good at, and that was self-defense. He then joined football team and used was he was good at and became the most popular team player. He was then discovered by different college football team and that is when he became really famous.

This movie was based in true to life story. It is good to know that there are people who share their blessing in life by helping those people who are in need. I also learned that in life, we need to focus more of our inner strength and let that strength help to lift the down part of us. This is a good movie and a must see.

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