Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Brand New Body

Guest post written by Marc McGee

I’m 65 and feel like I’m in the prime of my life—and it feels great. It all started a few months back when I was up late one night watching TV. One of those crazy infomercials came on for yet another exercise system—but this one caught my attention, P90x. Honestly, the advertisement wasn’t that different than any other that I’d seen, but something inside me told me to give this a try since I’d been feeling a little sluggish then.

So I ordered the set and I’m now in week 7. I only have a few more weeks to go on the program—and I’ve enjoyed it so much, I think I might start up for another set! I’ve been feeling so good about myself, I even decided to go to miracle ear, where I splurged on a new set of digital hearing aids.

They feel so much better than my old set, which makes me feel even more like a million bucks. What’s next? Maybe I’ll be one of those guys you see on TV, running a 10K!

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