Friday, October 15, 2010

Thinking of buying tire chain

My husband loves watching the TV show Ice Road Truckers on Discovery channel. As in he watches every episode of it. He said that those drivers are so brave because they drive in Alaska on ice. And they will still drive no matter how bad the weather and how high the ice is. So, I sat down with him while watching that show because I got curious of what he was talking about. I was speechless when I saw how they drove on that mountain of ice plus I can't believe that there was even a female driver. Oh my! she was so brave!

One of the male truck driver had this problem climbing on the mountain of ice. We thought that he won't be able to make it until he put on his tire chain. Tire Chain made his driving on ice pretty easy. He actually made it to his destination with the help of the tire chain.

After watching the show, I talked to my husband because I came up with the idea of buying tire chain for his truck for winter time, because there are times that I am really scared for him driving on ice. We all know that driving on ice is very dangerous so I really think that tire chain will be a very helpful tool for us in driving. I will definitely buy this thing before winter time.

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