Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby Shower of my niece

Yesterday, the whole family gathered for the baby shower of my niece. She is 18 years old and she is having her baby boy two months from now.

We understand that it is hard to be a teenage mom that is why we were all support in helping her with what her baby needs. One of my sister-in-law is the one who was in charge or almost everything (decorations, gifts, prizes for the games) and my two sister-in-laws were the ones in charge for the cake and of course they gave some gifts too. I am the one who made the baby shower giveaway for the guests. The giveaway was baby bunny made out of wash cloth. That was not the first time I did it. It was actually the second time, the first time was on my own baby shower. My hubby and I gave her almost all the clothes that was outgrown by our baby Zac, crib, playpen and some other toys that her baby would need. We also gave her a big box full of new born diaper and a bag full of baby stuff.

She is almost all set now. I really wish her a safe delivery and a healthy, happy baby boy. Yay! Zac will going to have another playmate soon! :)

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