Sunday, July 18, 2010

We are planning of buying a vehicle

Hubby and I are planning of buying new vehicle because I'll be getting my driver's license soon. The thing is, we can't make decision on what kind of vehicle to buy. I want a minivan because for me, minivan is an ideal family car. You can put the baby in the backseat and at the same time his stroller and all the baby stuff can fit in the trunk together with the groceries. Hubby wants a car because he said that he is afraid for me to drive minivan because they are famous and prone to flipping. I am a first time driver that is why hubby is so concerned about me driving minivan.

While we were debating on what vehicle to buy, we came into the topic of accident insurance. I agree that accident insurance is very important because life is full of uncertainties. We also talked about income protection insurance. Sometimes it is scary to think of what if we got unemployed because of a terrible accident? How can we pay our bills and support our family at the same time if that happens *knock on wood*. Purchasing income protection insurance is a good way of protecting ourselves from circumstances like that.

Life is good even though it is full of obstacles. We need to face the Real life. We need to be ready and protected from accidents and state of incapacity or else we struggle emotionally and financially.

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