Thursday, July 22, 2010

From Canada to Australia

I am glad that my friend from Australia called me today. She was from Canada and she just recently moved in Australia. She told me that she is still adjusting herself from her new environment. She said that Australia is a pretty good country and she likes the food and the people.

She is in Australia because of work employment. According to her, she grabbed the opportunity right away when they offered that job to her. Well, I can't blame her, they offered her a good australian life insurance aside from the good monthly salary that she gets. She asked me about my opinion about her getting funeral insurance. I told her that it is good thing to have it. Why? so that the family that you will leave someday doesn't need to worry about the funeral bills that you will leave them. I think that made her convince that having it is something that will lessen the pain of her loved ones once she passed away. No! She is not dying lol! She is just planning her future which I think all of us should be doing.

Insurance is becoming an essential part of our lives. We need to have it because we don't know on what will happen next. I know, not all of us can afford insurance that is why term life insurance is the best way to have if we have limited budget. Actually, it is considered as the inexpensive way of securing your loved ones from paying funeral bills and they would still get death benefit when you pass away during the term.

After my friend and I talked about insurance, we talked about shopping LOL! Well, we are women and shopping will always part of our conversation hehe. It was nice talking to her and I wish her all the good things in life.

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