Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Saving my flowers

Guest post written by Mary White

I spend most of my time in retirement in my garden that I can overlook from my living room window. But I also like to bring some of the Garden inside with potted plants and bouquets in vases throughout my house.

But when our air conditioning cut out recently I wasn’t just uncomfortable, I was afraid for my potted plants. Most of the potted plants are ones that I’ve bought from a store and are especially sold with indoor use in mind, so when the temperatures in my house starting increasing, the flowers on them started to suffer and wilt.

It really upset me a lot to see all my hard work wilting away in front of me so I just called heating and cooling from SEARS instead of waiting around for our normal A/C repair man to come back with quotes on replacement systems.

A new system was installed pretty quickly and I somehow managed to salvage my indoor potted plants. However, some of my cut bouquets had wilted beyond repair so I just replaced them with new ones for my garden earlier than usual.

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