Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wedding registry

Guest post written by Kayla Winters

Planning my wedding thousands of miles away from my family hasn’t been easy. Normally on things like this, my mom would grab the reins and take total control. But I can’t exactly ask her to fly 12 hours just to meet florists.

I hired out a wedding planner to handle most of the stuff like that but a huge problem that came up pretty quickly was the matter of my cross-continental wedding registry. So I did what was easiest and decided to Get Wild Blue so I could assemble my registry online and make sure that none of my gifts got left out, like a salad spinner that I would use maybe once a year.

So I registered online at a few stores and put in the stuff to ship to our house here in the States. I didn’t want my guests, especially my international guests, to worry about travelling with a wedding gift. It ended up working out pretty well because almost all of the stuff arrived at our apartment right before the wedding and during our honeymoon.

Now I just need to write thank you notes and figure out what I actually will use.

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