Thursday, July 22, 2010

We met Jeff Gordon in person!

We went to Riley's Hospital here in Indianapolis to visit my friend's son today. While I was talking to my friend inside their room, a nurse came in and told us that Jeff Gordon (NASCAR Racer) will be in the playroom to spend time with the kids. After few minutes, we all went to the playroom to see him and to our surprise, we were the first people who get in there which made us able to talk to Jeff Gordon in person. He asked for the name of my son and the name of my friend's son because according to him, his wife is pregnant now for a boy and so he is scouting for a good name for their son. Aww!

He is not that tall but he is a good looking man hehe. My friend's reaction when she saw him was " Wow! You are so cute!" lol! He talked to the sick kids in the hospital and spent time with them while the kids were painting. He seemed like he loves kids and I can say that he genuinely like spending time with kids.

We were able to take pictures with him and was able to get an autograph. Yay! I was so happy to see him in person.

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