Monday, July 19, 2010

Home security is something we should all have

The house of a friend of mine got robbed. Sadly, they took all her jewelry and money in the safe. It was very obvious by her tone of voice that she was extremely sad and depressed when she called me. I really feel badly about what happened to her. She and her husband are both hard working people. Both of them are employed and at the same time they have a business so it was really very hurtful when this happened to them.

They went to their summer house near the lake to spend just one night, so they left their house here in the suburbs not having any hint that it would get robbed. They know for sure that they locked all the windows and doors. The robber barged into their house through a window and took everything they had worked so hard to save. The cops are still investigating who robbed them.

My friend admitted to us that they had a lack of home security. After two days, they visited to scout for home security devices. Since they offered internet special, they subscribe online that day. Two days after, Home Security Team came to install home monitoring device that automatically calls police and alerts them if someone should try to rob their house again. I am now also thinking that having home security devices would be smart things to have. Having these would make your mind more at ease. My friend actually told me that she is not worrying nearly as much now that they have it.

She told me that they also changed their door locks and bought a type of locks that are far more secure. They made their house much brighter by installing lights around the doors and windows. They also trimmed their trees so neighbors can see easily who goes in and out of their house. They learned all of these home security tips from consumer reports.

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