Thursday, July 8, 2010

A visiting friend

I had been busy for days preparing our house for my friend's visit. They are from Arizona. She is a friend of mine and we both miss each other so much so they decided to visit us here in Indiana and stay in our house for two days. I cleaned the guest room where she and her hubby and their lil baby will sleep. I changed the bedding. I vacuumed the carpet and did some dusting.

They are actually suppose to be here tonight but they called me and told me that there will be few hours of delay because they had to stopped at Dallas auto repair shop because their Chevrolet Silverado needed a brake job. I told them it is ok if they will get late as long as they are safe. They said that the staff of that auto shop seemed like they did a great job in fixing their vehicle plus they are very accommodating.

I will cook some of our favorite Filipino food when they get here. We are also thinking of going to Indianapolis Zoo and tour them in historical places here in Indiana. I am sure that we will all going to have a great time. YAY! Few more hours and they will be here!

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