Sunday, November 28, 2010

12 o'clock Midnight Sale

Hubby and wasn't able to shop last Black Friday because he had to go to work and since I was so eager to go shopping (just to experience Black Friday and to shop with the crowd), I was able to convince my hubby to shopping at Walmart's 12MN Sale. We arrived at the store around 10:30PM and there was not much people but then the clock stuck 11:00, the people came in they were unstoppable to shop LOL! And of course I was one of them :p

I know that it is not exactly good to shop with the crowd but aside from the big discount that you'll get in shopping on Midnight Sale, I think its the rush that I was looking for lol! I know, I'm weird :p But we had fun on shopping that night and I want to do it again next year hehe.

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