Friday, November 5, 2010

Living My Dream

Content by Hipolito Hopkins

When I was a child I performed in a variety of plays and tried out for many out of town events as well. Even in college I acted here and there, but it all ended quickly when my parents passed away. After they so sadly left me, I stopped acting all together and going to school. Today I think of it as a big mistake and If I could turn back time and change it I would. Once a month I walk down town to the local theater to watch a play in memory of my mother and father. Before I leave my house I say I prayer, eat dinner and then I set my home security alarm (ADT Security pricing) as I walk out the door. I always walk down town because the parking is always to complicated to even try and find a spot. I usually arrive there about 15 minutes before the show starts; just enough time to get coffee and relax in my seat. So far every show I have been to at the theater has been above and beyond all my expectations. I believe my parents would be proud if they knew I still had a part in my dream and didn't let it completely die.

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