Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I want Michael Kors Jacket for Christmas

Many people are going to go shopping on Black Friday to save money. I can not blame them because I also want to save money specially Christmas is getting closer. I actually already made a list of the things I need, things that I want and things that I will buy as a gift. Yeah! I am already prepared because I do not want to miss a thing I want to have and I do not want to miss to give gift to the people I love.

I love to shop whether it is Holiday or not and whether it is on sale or not. Hey! I am woman and that is what a woman supposed to be hehe! I think I will buy new pants and a watch for my hubby, more toys and clothing for our son and I want to buy a nice jacket and a purse. I already have lots of jackets but this time I want to splurge a little :D I want to have the Michael Kors Jacket. I so love Michael Kors designs and creation because they are fashionably elegant looking.

I know that that brand is a little bit pricey but there is an online store that I know where I could buy it a very good price, and that is They offer wide variety of jackets and almost all the brands I like are in their website and not to mention, the prices are affordable.

I think this time, I would skip shopping in the store specially this Black Friday because I already know that there will be lots of people, there will be a long line, I do not want to be part of the stampede and I do not want to wake up early in the morning. I think it is better to shop online because it is very convenient, much safer and in fact, there are sales online that you can not get in the store.

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