Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wash Cloth Bunny Party Favor

My friend called last week and invited me to her niece's baby shower tomorrow. She is the one who will throw the baby shower and she also requested me to make the bunny party favor I made on my son's baby shower. This is the third time that I'll be making this bunny cloth party favor. The first time was on my son's baby shower and the second one was my niece's baby shower. I am glad that they liked the party favor I made and they are the one who are requesting me to make them on the special occasion that they will host.

I can also say that the bunny party favor that I made is evolving lol! I think it looks better and better every time I make it :D I am now thinking of selling this favor online since most of the people who have seen my work liked it. Anybody who wants to be my first customer?? lol!

THE FIRST TIME I MADE IT (My son's baby shower)

THE SECOND TIME I MADE IT (My niece's baby shower)

THE THIRD TIME I MADE IT (My friend's niece's baby shower)


  1. did they use the bunnies to give to guests or did the mom to be get them all?
    how much are they?
    email me @

  2. These bunnies were give away for the guests. And I made them myself :)