Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beer, Wine Cooler and Milk

Hubby rarely drink so when he told me that he will go to the store to buy beer, I said Ok right away. He is too busy working so he don't have time to drink and aside from that, he totally slowed down in drinking when he met me. I think he only drink twice this year, including tonight. When he said that he will buy beer, I also asked him to buy me fruity drinks with low alcohol. I don't really drink alcoholic drinks and the last time I drank was last year, Valentine's Day.

I came out with an idea of taking pictures of the drinks my family had tonight.

Hubby's, Mine and our son's

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  1. lolz.. cute... i remember honey when he told me that when i get there in USA he will gonna buy me that fruity drink with low alcohol so i can try it too... honey sometimes drink beer too at night before he go to bed....=)