Friday, November 12, 2010

Good quality luggage

Before I traveled going here in the USA from the Philippines, I shopped 3 luggage in the mall with my friend. I bought those cheapest luggage that was on sale thinking I would get better deal. That was the first time I bought luggage so I did not really know on what are the things to consider in buying travel luggage. I thought since the design looks well and it is affordable then that is the perfect luggage.

On the way going here in the US, I noticed how the airport staff throws all luggage in the conveyor. That is why I did not wonder if my luggage would be broken when I got them, and I was right! My 3 luggage that I just bought looked ragged and also, I found some parts of the luggage was broken.

Now that we are planning again to have a vacation, I want to buy a good quality luggage. Hartmann Luggage is the kind of luggage that I am planning to buy. It is a designer luggage that is affordable and durable at the same time, and also, it has a brand name that I can trust. Another good brands of luggage are Tumi Luggage and Rimowa Luggage. I like the tanned leather limited edition of Tumi Luggage and I like the Rimowa Salsa Air Luggage. Sometimes it is really hard to shop specially to choose on what is the best of all your favorites. I think I'll ask and consult for a help of my friend of buying luggage this time.

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