Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween 2010

I was really busy this past few days that is why I am late in posting. Five days before Halloween, I decided on NOT to be Lady Gaga. I have the wigs and accessories I bought online but I just feel like I don't want to be her on Halloween.

Three days before Halloween, Hubby and I with our son went to stores to go shopping. I noticed the adult onesies hanging in the sleepwear section of the store. At first, I pointed it to hubby and laughed at it. Then we realized that it looked so comfortable to wear inside the house for winter. I tried wearing one of the onesies in the fitting room and I laughed at myself when I saw myself wearing it. Hubby and I bought adult onesies for the two of us just for the heck of having them and feel warmer on winter. When we got back home, hubby wore his onesies and said "No wonder babies like to wear this sleepwear". I told him "Common! show it to dad!". Dad came home and start laughing at my hubby, and said "I wish I could have one of those because it looks warm and comfy" Then I told dad "Ain't we just talked about onesies for adult few days ago?" He replied "Yeah!" I asked him "Are you really serious that you want to have one of these?" He said "Oh yeah! I will wear one if I have one". Sometimes it is hard to tell whether my dad-in-law is telling the truth or he is joking around so I thought he wasn't serious when he said that he wished that there are onesies for adult because he would wear one. We didn't buy him onesies because I thought that he was joking. Anyway, hubby will go back to the store tonight to buy him one.

The next day, I was still thinking of what to wear for Halloween and it came on my mind that I can wear the onesies that I just bought then use the Lady Gaga wig, carry a teddy bear and suck lollipop then I can be a BIG BABY! This is what I turned out to be last Halloween.

I end up being happy at the night of trick-or-treat because I had the most comfiest and warmest adult costume in town :D Sometimes you just really need to be resourceful and creative in looking for costume :)

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