Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Custom made scrub

Hubby came to me carrying his nursing scrub top. He showed me that two of its pockets were ripped and so I told him that I will sew them so he can use the top again. This is actually the second time I am sewing this scrub so I asked him on how did he ripped his pockets. He said that it is because he put lots of stuff in it (drawer keys, pens, markers and etc.)

While I was in the middle of sewing his scrub, I thought of just buying him a new uniform and forget about the sewing. He has several scrubs with different color but I am thinking of buying a custom made scrub. Hubby is quite tall and he is so picky in buying scrubs. He likes scrubs that has lots of pockets so I think ordering a custom one is a good idea.

I like his nursing uniforms always neat and clean so I sometimes hand wash the stains that the washer can not remove. I know, I am really meticulous hehe.

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