Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting busy for Christmas

Hubby and I are getting so busy this December. Aside from Christmas, we will also be celebrating the first birthday of our son. The birthday celebration would not be as big as other celebrated theirs, all we want to invite are those people who are close to us. Aside from our relatives, we will be inviting some of my friends here in town. I only have few friends though because I just moved here two years ago plus there are also few Filipinas here in town.

We have been busy few days ago shopping for gifts, Christmas gifts for everybody and birthday gifts for our son. I already have an idea on what to give to my hubby but of course, I would not gonna write it here or else he would know hehe. At the end of next week, hubby and I needs to finish all the shopping that we need to do. So far, these are all the gifts that we have for our son. We also have one big toy for him that I haven't wrapped yet because I am undecided whether to wrap it or not :D We have to buy more gifts for him next week.

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