Saturday, December 18, 2010

You reap what you sow

Hubby and I together with our son visited hubby's friend. He lives in the next town where we lives. We went there to drop by an invitation for our son's first birthday party.

While hubby was driving on our way to their house, he told me some things about his friend. They were playmates when they were kids. His friend had rough childhood life because his parents divorced when he was 7 years old. He worked in a gasoline station after finishing high school so he could save some money to afford to go to college. He studied Business Management during day time and worked in a convenience store at night. After graduating college, he became a manager. His life fell down when he and his wife divorced. His wife took almost all the property he had and aside from that he lost his job. That was the last news he heard by my husband from him.

When we found the address of his friend. We were amazed how big his house was. We rang the doorbell and a pretty woman opened the door for us. We sat down in the couch and there we met his friend. He told us that he is now working in an Advertising Agency. He got a good position there and that is where he also met his new wife. He was able to buy a new house with a big yard because from the money he is making from his job.

A person like hubby's friend became successful because of his endless dedication to his job, faith, hope and perseverance. Looking at his life now is like those story on soaps on TV. He inspired me .

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  1. It's true...we do reap what we sow...every time.
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