Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Asbestos survey can save lives

Talking to your relative whom you have not seen for a long time is something that I missed, that is why I decided to call my relatives from London last Christmas to greet them. I can't believe how I missed them. The last time we saw them was on our trip to Florida last September. While talking to my aunt on the phone, I asked her on what she was doing before I called. She said, she and my uncle was discussing about whether to have a survey about asbestos or not.

I told her that I always see commercials here on TV about asbestos and that I read how bad is the effect of it to our body if we are most of the time exposed to it. She told me she knew someone whose husband had Mesothelioma disease due to too much exposure to asbestos, her husband's job was in the construction. They thought that his husband would be safe against Mesothelioma because they wore safety protective gear at work, but sadly, he still got the disease.

My aunt said that it is the law in the UK for businesses to have a report that their premises are safe from presence of asbestos. But since my relatives also wants heir house to be safe from asbestos exposure, they decided to get an asbestos survey. I actually think that it is a good idea to have a survey like this to your house because this would determine if our house is asbestos-free. In that way, our lives would be low risk of getting asbestos illnesses.

Not only I was happy talking to my relatives but, I was also glad to know more about the asbestos. I didn't know that there is a such a thing like asbestos survey till they told me.

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