Monday, December 13, 2010

Ten songs I like listening this season

Winter is back that is why I can't go out much because of the sleek road. What I do most of the time now is listening to music and watching music video. Here is my fave songs for this season (not in order).

1. If it's love (Train) - I love the lyrics and the vocalist's voice.
2. Stuck like Glue (Sugarland) - I love the rhythm plus the outfits of the vocalist in the vioce makes me want to buy a clothing with leopard design.
3. Pretty Girl (Keri Hilson) - I love the song and I like the way she dance. I like the part when she was dancing the Waterfalls by TLC.
4. Just a Dream (Nelly) - I am so glad that Nelly is back. Love his new come back song.
5. I'm coming home (Pdiddy) - I love the rhythm plus this song make me wanna go back to Philippines.
6. Just the way you are (Bruno Mars) - Bruno has a really great voice.
7. Raise your glass (Pink) - I always like Pink's songs.
8. Jars of Heart (Christina Perri) - I like the singer's voice.
9. Paris (Ooh La La) -I like the Ooh La La part lol!
10. Bottoms Up (
Trey Songz) - I don't why I like this song lol!

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