Friday, December 10, 2010

I shopped til I got sick!

Yesterday was fun and tiring as well. Afternoon, my dad-in-law and Iwent to the post office to mail some invitation cards and Christmas Cards. After that we went to Kmart and shopped for some gifts. Marsh's was our next destination after Kmart. We shopped some baby foods and milk there. Next, we went to Harvest Grocery to shop for more baby stuff.

We got home around 4Pm already with hungry bellies so we ate first before we proceed in continuing shopping lol! Around 4:30PM. We went to ALCO to shop for a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is not for us, it is for my sis-in-law. Her sons wants a tree in their house so my dad-in-law decided to buy them one. We didn't find the tree that we like so we went to another town to shop. At last, we found the tree that we liked and we found it at Big Lots! We also shopped for tree top, garlands and ornaments for the tree. I thought the shopping was over, but no! We went to Lowe's looking for a device. Well, we didn't find what we are looking for and since it was already late night, we decided to just go home.

We came home around 8PM. I was hungry again and tired. I ate, cleaned the dishes and made my son's bottled milk. While I was resting, hubby asked me "Do you want to shop?" I replied "Are you kidding me? I am already tired because what I did the whole day was to shop". Then I laughed. He said "But I want to shop for Christmas presents for the kids". he was talking about our nieces and nephews. My husband is like a vampire lol! He likes to sleep daytime and wakes up night time during his day offs. I told him "It is already 10:30PM. Why did you just decided to shop now?" We just both laughed at each other and I agreed to shop with him at Walmart even though I was tired.

After shopping at Walmart, we went to Meijer to shop for more. It was really a tiring day yesterday. I liked it though. Now, I am typing this post with kleenex sitting next to me because I have runny nose, cold and sore throat from shopping in 30F.

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