Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My messed up router

I was browsing the internet this afternoon when I lost connection. I checked the settings of my laptop and modem and everything seemed fine. I tried to browsed on my hubby's laptop but unluckily, there was no browsing either. I called our Internet Service Provider because I thought they were having some technical problem or they were having system maintenance. But when the customer support I spoke with, told me that everything is fine in their network, then that is the time I checked my router.

I tried by passing the router to check if there is internet connection by connecting the ethernet cord directly to my laptop and to my surprised, there is an internet connection. I applied everything I know about escalating router problem and technical skills but the problem wasn't solved still. I decided to call my friend who is more knowledgeable than me about router to help me get my connection back. I was impressed because she was able to fixed my router problem in just 5 minutes.

My friend is married to a military that is why they often move a lot. She took Virginia Cisco Course when they lived in Virginia and continued studying by taking Virginia MCITP. After she took those courses, they moved to Chicago and that is where she got her Chicago CCNA certification. A year after, she attended San Diego CCNA Bootcamp when they moved to California.

I am so proud of all her accomplishment in life. She loves computers alot that is why she never stop studying computer.

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