Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Favorite Holiday Tradition

Content by Reid Dawson

It is our family's favorite time of the year, Christmas! Our family is fond of numerous holiday traditions that have passed down through several generations. One of the traditions our family has started is picking out our Christmas tree together. Every year we all reserve a few hours out of our busy lives, so we can keep with our tradition of going Christmas tree shopping together.

As our family grows, our tree choices have too. We started out years ago with an average size tree. This year, I expect our tree choice to be close to 7 feet tall! We always make room somehow. Before we leave the house to go Christmas tree shopping, we typically decide on a particular theme or color scheme, we want to decorate the tree with. This usually influences the size and look of the tree we choose.

Of course, like many families, we have already done a great deal of our holiday shopping before we actually get the tree. We feel safe leaving our precious gifts in our home because we always remember to set our Security choice home security alarm before we leave on our tree shopping adventure.

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