Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow covered Christmas tree

Guest post written by Rachel Fallon

I've always wished that I could put my Christmas tree outside so that snow could collect on its branches. It would just be so gorgeous! But that isn't very reasonable, so I have to settle for snow themed Christmas tree ornaments and trimmings.

I like to make my own ornaments just because I can appreciate them that much more and they look more special to me. I wanted to find some kind of new snowflake ornament or garland to hang on my tree and was looking for some inspiration online, when I came across some Chicago Wireless internet offers. I looked through and decided to get one of them because I've hated the internet provider I've been using at home for a while.

After all of that, I got the idea to make some snowflake garland with just hand cut paper snowflakes and white yarn. I also liked the idea because I already had all of the supplies to make them. I also got my kids to help out with cutting the snowflakes too and then I let them dip them in glitter, which made a huge mess. But it was worth the payoff.

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