Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Children's Christmas book search

Guest post written by Melanie Sparks

Every time that I have a reason to get a gift for my nephew, I like to spend a whole bunch of time picking out the best possible book that I can find. I'm really big into reading and even though my sister, his mom, hasn't always been a big reader I think that my influence definitely got him into reading. Well, I guess he probably doesn't have much of a choice though because I've been brainwashing him with books as gifts.

However, I am getting him more than just books for Christmas. He's my only nephew and I like to spoil him so he's actually going to get a few different presents from me. But I was online looking for some of these presents about a week ago and while I was diong that I came across some stuff about Clear Wireless Internet packages and after I read through it some I ordered one of them for my apartment.

I found this really great children's Christmas book and even though I wasn't looking for one specifically, I decided to get that for him and I'm going to give it to him early so he can enjoy it up until Christmas too.

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