Monday, November 15, 2010

I missed you Nutella!

Yes! Nutella is my favorite sandwich spread since I was a kid. I think the last time I had it was 10 years ago (no joke!).

I was bored eating the sandwich spread we have here in the house so I thought about buying Nutella. The first time I had Nutella was when I was probably 12 years old. My aunt from London always sent us Nutella every time she send balikbayan box. Nutella is expensive to buy in the Philippines specially if you are earning Peso so we only get to eat it every time my aunt send us some bottles of it.

I have been here in the US for more than 2 years now and I don't know why I never thought of buying Nutella here til last week. So when hubby and I went to Walmart, I told him I want to buy Nutella. He was like "What is Nutella? I never heard of it". I replied " Really? It is a sandwich spread. And how come you never heard of it? It is always on the commercial". So we went to the aisle of spread and gave a big smile to my hubby when I saw my favorite Nutella. He was shocked when he saw the price because it is a little bit pricey lol! and guess what? i bought the biggest jar of it :D He said it doesn't matter though as long as I am happy hehe. I so love you Nutella!! :D

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