Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Library is More Than Just a Place to Find Books

Guest post of the week by Monte Dominguez

Over the last several years, the library has become my home away from home. Before I leave, I set my home security alarm from, as I know I will be there for hours. As a freelance writer, the library offers me everything I need to get the job done.

What makes the library the perfect place to work is that it is quiet. At home, I am constantly subjected to annoying phone calls, the dog barking, or someone stopping in unannounced. Going to the library means I can actually work in peace.

Of course, as the library is filled with books, magazines, and other data, researching a subject that I am writing about is very easy. Not only that, if I am having difficulty finding the information, the librarian is always more than willing to help me out.

Patten Free Library in Bath, Maine has been a part of my life for years. First, I visited when I was doing a paper for school. When I had my children, the library became a weekend favorite, as they, too, discovered a love of reading. While it seems hard to believe that over thirty years have passed since I first step foot in the library, I know that it will remain a big part of my life until I can no longer hold the book or write anymore.

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